Apple and Android Controls

MidTenn Connect is the premier provider for total integration of Apple’s iOS and Android based devices with your home security system, entertainment solutions, or even your home’s environmental controls. We provide customized solutions to help you take control with your iOS or Android based devices.

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iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® Control App

As a Savant Authorized Dealer, MidTenn Connect offers the industry’s most heralded and attractive iOS app, TrueControl®. TrueControl for your iPad or iPhone can be completely tailored to meet the individual control requirements of each user, including control of your alarm system, home media center and entertainment solution, lighting control, HVAC units and other Smart Home features. Savant Mobile is included in the app, allowing you access to control your home from any where in the world (via Wi-Fi or wireless data connection). Best of all, the experience is total customizable for each user and installation.

Savant Universal Remote Control 500

Savant has taken the concept of the remote home control to the next level by seamlessly embedding Apple’s latest iPod touch (with new Retina Display) into a traditional remote home control. Savant Select remote control provide single-room source control, complete two-way whole-house automation, communications, and video conferencing capabilities.

Media & Control

Any iPhone or iPod touch becomes an active media player within total system setup by MidTenn Connect. By simply connecting your iPhone or a guest’s iPod touch to a Media Dock, the media content loaded on the device can be distributed to any room achieving whole-house audio and video distribution. With a control dock, you can charge your iOS device while maintaining control of your entertainment or home automation components.

Integrated iTunes-based Media Server

MidTenn Connect provides total integration with all your iTunes media. All of the family’s favorite music, movies, television shows, and more can be securely stored, quickly accessed, shared, displayed, and selectively distributed throughout the smart home— up to four independent and simultaneous iTunes media streams to any area in the home, seamlessly providing whole-house audio or video distribution.

Total Integration with your Security Solution

MidTenn Companies offers total iOS integration with your home security system, whether you want to monitor the status, arm or disarm your system or even check out your home surveillance cameras remotely or on-site. MidTenn Connect offers a tailored solution to work closely with your overall security setup.

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