Phone Systems

Mid-Tenn has recognized the need for commercial phone systems sales, installation, and service. As land lines residentially are fading fast in lieu of wireless technology, businesses will probably always still need multiple land based services(VOIP,PRI).

Phone systems, specifically the SL1100, are scalable to fit any size business large or small and have the ability to be customized to fit your specific company needs. The Sl1100 offers old school features such as paging, phone to phone, and paging through PA speakers with a combination of new technology such as wireless extensions and integration to personal phone numbers to allow for maximum personalization.

Some features that are offered with the SL1100 are:
• Automated Attendant to direct call flow
• Individual voice mail per extension up to 84 subscribers
• Full system reporting/Call monitoring available
• One-touch button calling within the office or any number
• Music on hold ready
• Headset functionality

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